4.How to get bonafide and expenditure certificate @KLESCET ?

Why do u need these certificate ?

If you are applying for scholarships they might ask these certificates to ensure that you are from this college .
Bonafied certificate   this certificate ensures that you have been studying or admitted to this college.

Expenditure certificate    this certificate ensure that the amount you are spending for the whole academic year.

How to get

1.Go to the main office building (silver jubli building ), ask the counsellor over there regarding the certificate .(if u wanna get them early go there @ 10 am and do the following .If u went there in noon they might ask you to collect the certificates tomorrow because they might not get principal sign )
2.You will be asked top give an application to get those certificates .
below picture shows an example of the application form 
3.Pay the amount they ask  for the certificate ,usually ₹30 or 40 per certificate.
4.you will be asked to collect it 
                    @noon if you gave application @ 10 AM 
                     Or  @ 5 o'clock or tomorrow if u gave application in the noon.

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