3.How & Why to open new account in CANARA bank within the campus @ KLESCET ?

First let me tell you the reason why u should open an account in  CANARA bank  within the campus.

                 Reason is pretty simple ,but worth knowing it.

  1. Why you wanna run a mile, when  you can get it in few steps .
         you might not want to miss the labs or lectures to get the things done @ other bank which is      far  away fro here. You might run 15 min late that may be excused.
  2. If you want to do any banking activities , it is within campus  & easy to access .
  3. Most of u apply for scholarship eg. E-pass(vidyasiri) , the fund will be sanctioned to the college for distribution to each one who get qualified for it .
    The one with the account @ canara bank gets it 15 days or month earlier than those with other    bank accounts .
  4. you will get an ATM card if you have not got one from the your old bank.

How to open new account in CANARA bank  within the campus  @ KLESCET  ?

They will not give you the form ,if you not  have these required docs below👇

  1. Required Docs - 1. your address proof & 3 passport size photos                                                                              2. must have PAN CARD                                                                                                                3.you need to bring the address proof of where you are staying in Belagavi .                                       ( if you are from belagavi district within  60 km radius eg.sankeshwar or                                       kittur ,but staying in pg or hostel then just tell them that you come                                              college daily by bus instead of where you stay in here. They will not ask                                       the address proofs  of here)                                                                                                            a. If u are hosteler then get a resident letter or certificate from the warden.                                    b.If u are staying in PG or room get your owners address proof xerox.                   
                              4.₹ 1000 cash for minimum deposit. ( you will need to deposit this after they give you the passbook , that is after a day or two. so no need to worry ,if you can arrange it within that time.)
  2. Go to the bank , ask the counsellor for the help. They will ask  you the documents . Show them.  you .
  3. If you have given all the docs mentioned above , they will give you the form .Fill the form.
  4. Take the complete filled form to YOUR HOD & get it signed.                                                                                                                  a. if you are in physics cycle go to the physics lab.                                                                         b.if you are in chemistry cycle go to the chemistry lab.
  5. Take back the form to the bank and submit it .
  6. you will be asked to come by within few days . Come back and collect the passbook and ATM card after depositing  ₹ 1000 cash.

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