GUTTE- one of the traditional game of India.

The play in the picture is ancient game played in well known as "Gutte" in Hindi (Andyal in Kannada). Played by children as well as adults,requires stones(5 to 10),played in group or single.
The rule is simple, stones are  thrown upward in the air and hand is turned on dorsum side to catch as many stones(atleast 1 otherwise lost),then only 1 stone is collected from them by throwing upwards. The collected stone is thrown upward , at the same time a stone is picked from the stones on ground till a

How to download and install SOLID EDGE (CAED SOFTWARE ) on windows 10 and 7 os ?

procedure is same for both windows 10 & windows 7. DOWNLOAD  link is @ the bottom of the page  watch the video for installation procedure 
DOWNLOAD  the software from the link given below @ the bottom of the page .After downloading the software, unzip the software . now open the folder and scroll down , find the SETUP FILE.Be patient & wait for a Minute or two & a installation window will open .new installation window will open as shown . select i accept the terms , metric system , i will use insight on system and browse for licence file  IMP * now click on the option and chose the licence file in the folder of software.
 click install .  A pop up window appears like shown below  click yesand installation will window may  appear asking u to install (.NET FRAMEWORK) JUST SKIP IT by clicking 2-4 times until it disappears.


The reasons,why you need to wear "ISI marked" Helmets .
 1.From January 22nd on wards (in belagavi) , those wearing helmets without ISI mark will be penalised. They will  be treated as riding helmet-less,"  and You will  have to pay the fine.
2.  In case if u met with an accident while wearing helmets without ISI mark . It will be treated as helmet-less and you may not get the insurance as you have violated the rules .
Insurence company may deny your insurance saying the above statement. 

3.According to Section 129 of Indian Motor Vehicles Act says protective headgear should be used by two-wheeler riders. They should conform to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and users should check their quality. 

4. After all its the reason of safety, good helmet saves lives. ISI mark is a certification mark for industrial products in India. The mark certifies that a product conforms to the Indian Standard, mentioned as IS:xxxx on top of the mark, developed by the Bureau of Indian Stan…

What is the meaning of Navigatiah ?

What is Navigatiah?
Well, well , u might have wondered  ,what do you mean by NAVIGATIAH ® ?

Navigatiah® is a Sanskrit word  from which  the word Navigation derived from.
 Navi stands for  ship ⛵ . Gatiah stands for ➡⬆direction.
NAVIGATIAH ®  means  ➡ ⛵  Directing a ship.                             ☺        Now you know ,what it means.                 Have a nice day.

How to at KLESCET ?


From day one you find it difficult to navigate through the college , that is why we Navgatiah® have taken an initiative to help you out through answering the questions that came in everyone's mind  . These questions are based on survey as well as me n my friends experiences .
Click on these questions below 👇to know the answers 🖰 
1.Where can I get notes and reference books @ KLESCET?

2.HOW CAN I HAVE COLLEGE WiFi ACCESS @KLESCET  ?3.How & Why to open new account in CANARA bank within the campus @ KLESCET ?4.How to get bonafide and expenditure certificate @KLESCET  ?5.How to get the library card @KLESCET ?6.How to get & install the academic software on your PC @KLESCET ?7.How to get into the clubs of your interest @KLESCET ?If you have any other questions , feel free to ask in the comment section below . Also you can message us on our FB page .👍LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

7.How to get into the clubs of your interest @KLESCET ?

OUR college has 10 student clubs
which are listed below  
In order to join any of the club , you will need to fill the online  form . 
 Link to these forms will be forwarded on your orientation groups .Open the link ,fill the form with your details and submit it.once this is done you will be added to a new whats-app  group .After this they might call you for the auditions and selected members will be added to the final group. We will soon add those links here get in touch with us on social media.
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6.How to get & install the academic software on your PC @KLESCET ?

During your first year you will need to install two academic  software

1.SOLID EDGE V.20 for learning  CAED ( computer aided engineering drawing).
2.VISUAL STUDIO for learning programming ( C programming language).

 If you are well versed with installation procedure then take pendrive to the lab and get the copy of the software.
If not, take your pc to the lab & Ask your lab instructor for the software  to be installed.

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